2022 International Conference on Computational Infrastructure and Urban Planning
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The CIUP 2022 will be held online on Jun. 18, 2022.

CIUP 2022 will be held online on Jun. 18, 2022 with only one session.


Jun. 18th, 2022

e-Poster Session

All posters will be posted onto the official website of CIUP during the conference day.



Structural Behavior Analysis and Design of Steel Plate Hoop Reinforced Steel Beam-RC Column Joint

Chao Gong, Shuirong Chen, Zihao Liang, Jie Wang, Zhaoxin Hou and Weiqiao Liang


Research on Evaluation Model of Road Congestion of Tourism Scenic Spots Based on Spatial Syntax and Artificial Neural Network Method--A Case of Kulangsu Island, Xiamen, China

Qingmu Su, Xiang Chen, Jingjing Xiao, Xuanhe Yu and Teng Cui


Design of a Visualization System for Infectious Disease Transmission and Control Based on Multi-source Spatio-temporal Data

Zhen Zhen, Zhanwu Ma and Yuhui Wang


Adaptability Assessment of CO2 Emission Reduction Technologies for School Buildings: A Case Study of Hot-Summer and Cold-Winter Areas in China

Jiqi Wang, Jintao Chen, Yuhang Fang, Cong Ma and Xiaoyu Luo


Urban Digital Twins: Decision-Making Models for Transportation Network Simulation

Yingyi Zhang


A Train Integrity Monitoring Method based on Information Integration of GNSS and Odometer

Qianru Chen, Yiping Jiang, Wang Li and Tieding Lu


Evaluation of Airline Service Quality Based on Improved SERVQUAL Model

Jianping Chen, Haoyue Du, Lili Zhang, Junbo Gao and Wendong Yang


Unselfish Cooperative Game-Based Communication Optimization of ECG Monitoring Network

Lanmei Qian, Haifei Zhang, Huazhen Xu and Hongyun Chen


Mask Wearing Recognition Based on Fusion Algorithm

Qi Yan and Hao Wu


Study on Regional Difference of Loess Collapsibility Considering Leaching

Cheng Wang and Tihang Wang

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June 10th, 2022

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